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Pricing Sheet 2018

What We Do
Hallowed Hops Farm carries select hop varieties that are grown, cultivated and processed to produce the finest hop products: whole cone and pellet.

Located at Winter Lane, Illinois and Lewistown, Illinois, we serve the needs of craft brewers and home brewers in the Midwest.

Here at Hallowed Hops Farm, we take pride in supplying the highest quality hop products to respected brewers. Our company was established with the vision of growing hops locally to contribute to the fantastic craft brew climate in the Midwest.
  1. Centennial Hops
    Centennial Hops
  2. Crystal Hops
    Crystal Hops
  3. Chinook Hops
    Chinook Hops
Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hops cultivation/harvest/sales 
  • Third party hop picking for other farmers
  • Consultation with farmers considering hops 
  • Hop packaging 
  • Hop propagation 
  • Farm tours throughout the month of July

2018 CY inventory includes: 

Hallowed Crystal


We are open to one-off brews, pre-purchasing and contracts. Delivery can be arranged for fresh "wet" hopping fall beers. Hops are supplied in pellet form. Please call and we'll talk about how each of these can work differently with your brewing process.
For inquiries, please call us at 217-390-1505 or email us at