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About Us
With a pioneering passion !
Established in 2014, Hallowed Hops Farm is a trusted hops grower and supplier offering the best varieties of hops attributing the amazing aromas in beer.

Located on Winters Lane in Lewistown, Illinois, we serve the needs of craft brewers and home brewers in the Midwest and beyond. When we first explored the market in 2012 it was surprising to learn that there were no commercial hop growers in Illinois. What we learned over the next couple years is that there are some critical reasons for this, mainly the growing conditions and pest pressures. With a family background in farming, a hard work ethic, strong will and green thumb we knew enough that this can be done successfully. 

Our Dream is to make commercially scaled hop farming a reality in Illinois and it is going to take tremendous work and collaboration with brewers to make it our own. Please join us!